Monday, March 4, 2013

Better to reglaze than replace that old tub, tile or countertops.

 Bathtub refinishing is also known as bathtub reglazing, bathtub resurfacing or tub and tile. Is really a GREEN friendly alternative to replacement. With hundreds of colors to choose from. Yes, even counter-tops can be refinished in that stone finish you love. All at a fraction of the cost of replacement, without all that down time.

Bathtub refinishing aka bathtub reglazing, bathtub resurfacing, or tub and tile can last 20 years or more as long as you use a gentle cleaner like a new tub recommends. Gentle cleaners like dish detergent, bathroom foam cleaner or anything out of a spray bottle. Yes, this is also recommended for counter-top refinishing as well.

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